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About Anela Clothing

In order to more memorable wedding, you can spend the day in comfort is also very important.
And it is also an important concept Anela Clothing is positioned as a “special salon”.
Even the most expensive dress much, well as some other wedding of the actual inherent in import dress
Chest and materials dress length was too wide open, which is not suitable to the party, Such as the silhouette that does not meet the physique, in the case of a bride in Japan,
Otherwise you may cause that would lower the dignity.

Therefore, the goodness of the material and design is a matter of course in Anela Clothing,
Adopt dress brand has also focused on the tradition of Wedding and Japanese physique.
Because the designer of the main brand grew up in a family that runs a bridal business, I know really well the “dress that looks the most beautiful bride.”
In addition, his father is also a pastor, “beautiful Standing behavior of the bride” from the attendant experience in church
We are able to create a silhouette that is calculated so that it becomes possible.

For a special day customers, in Anela Clothing
I will aim the total coordination thorough.
Wedding shoes, accessories,
Treat the only ones up to the bridal inner, are carefully selected,
In order to get the shining by the bride of the future,
We will be happy to help you with all your heart.

The meaning of “angel” in the Hawaiian word for “Anela”. In “Anela Clothing”, “beautiful like an angel”I have carefully selected dress become a special feeling. Elegant dress luxurious materials produces is, Once in a lifetime, just what you deserve in a big day.

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